What to expect from your treatment

Treatments can take place at my house or at yours. it is entirely up to you and whatever you are most comfortable with.

During our first meeting , I will ask you a few questions about your health and lifestyle.

Then, we will proceed to the treatment. You only need to remove your socks and relax in my reclining reflexology chair with your feet up (literally !) for the duration of the treatment.

The treatment itself lasts a minimum of 40 minutes during which I will massage the different reflex points on your feet while you are listening to some very relaxing music.

Everybody is different : some people like to talk during the treatment, some people just want to close theirs eyes and relax... falling asleep is also a very popular option.

When the massage is finished, I will move you back into a seated position, we will then take a few moments to review your treatment and discuss your after care advice.

The reflexology chair is a very portable piece of equipment and can be easily set up in most rooms. At my place, treatments take place in my airy open plan living area with view on the garden in the nice season and by the wood burner when it is cold outside